How The Nun compliments not complicates The Conjuring mythologies.

The Conjuring mythologies are a supernatural horror film directed by the talented - James Wan. Moreover, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farminga star as Ed and Lorraine Warren; demonologists and authors associated with the real-life hauntings - which even inspired The Amityville Horror franchise and Annabelle.

After the inaugural of the franchise, the sequel reveals Valak for the first time whilst also showing Valak as the overarching antagonist for the whole franchise. Valak first appeared during a seance to further investigate if a demonic presence was responsible for Ronald DeFeo Jr. murdering his family on November 13th, 1974. When Valak reveals itself in the form of a nun to torment Lorraine's faith in her own home, Valak lures her to the basement. Knowing her husband was important to her, Valak gifted her with a vision of Ed being impaled. Since that moment, Valak has continued to haunt Lorraine since, using the painting Ed was compelled to create which captures Valak in nun form. Later in the film, it revealed by Lorraine that Valak was the mastermind manipulating the spirit of Bill Wilkins like a puppeteer to prevent everyone seeing the true perpetrator.

Valak's presence is significant at the end of the film when Ed and Lorraine learn that Valak is behind everything and return to the Hodgson residence, Valak partially blinds Ed by bursting steam pipes in his eyes. Valak - in the form of the Crooked Man - also appears before Billy in an attempt to murder him with an umbrella but fails down to Ed's resistance. At the ending of the film; Lorraine confronts Valak (as the nun) and condemns the entity back to hell.

Valak was also the titular antagonist for the 2018 spinoff 'The Nun.' In this prequal, it reveals that the Cârta Monastery was built in Romania by a duke centuries ago. The Duke however, becomes obsessed with Satanism and summons a demonic force to the catacombs. The demon was killed by the members of the Vatican who then sealed the rift with the Blood of Christ. Hundreds of years have passed and the Monastery was bombed heavily in World War II. In the occurring destruction, it allowed the demon to escape by the rift being opened and Valak was released from its imprisonment. Valak took the form of a nun in order to blend in with the other nuns and to mock their unbreakable faith. Over the years the nuns have continued to pray constantly in communion to fight the evil, but all was in vain as Valak openly roamed the Monastery as it wished.

In 1952, Valak had executed the nuns leaving two survivors. Sister Victoria, commits suicide to stop Valak from claiming her body as a host, with a key in her hand. After the discovery of the nuns hanging corpse Sister Irene and Father Burke are instructed by the Vatican to investigate. Valak is seen manipulating the characters throughout the film ranging from; appearing to Father Burke as the young boy who had died from an exorcism which had gone horribly wrong or showing Sister Irene mass illusions of the nuns being killed. When the catacombs flood, Valak attempts to strangle Sister Irene to her death but whilst Valak inspects her body for any signs of life, Sister Irene spits the Blood of Christ onto Valak's face, injuring the demon severely. From this, the rift is resealed. However, it is proved that this is not the end of Valak as when Father Burke, Sister Irene and Frenchie leave it is revealed that Frenchie has an inverted cross branded on the back of his neck. This then segues to the inaugural film 'The Conjuring', where during a lesson The Warrens are giving students about demonic possession.

'The Nun' centres on the origins of Valak the demon who has later become a major part of 'The Conjuring' film universe. We know Valak appears in 'The Conjuring 2,' and viciously haunts Ed and Lorraine Warren. 'The Nun,' provides exposition on how Valak made its way all the way from Romania to the USA to torment Lorraine and how Valak came to be embroiled in the haunting of Enfield, England in 'The Conjuring 2.' Chat conversation end

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